Kendall Townhouse For Sale!

Now, I know you’re probably wondering, if this is a blog about Doral, and more specifically, about real estate in Doral, how come a townhouse somewhere other than Doral is being posted? Well, you see sometimes clients of ours own properties in other areas besides Doral and they insist we handle the sale and marketing no matter where the property is located. This is because they trust us. And why do they trust us you might ask? Well, obviously we have a proven record. That simple!

So here’s another property outside of Doral that might interest someone. After all, it’s a fantastic property-like new! Located on SW 137 ave and miller. Walking distance to shopping and transportation. Not listed in the MLS yet!

Kitchen Living Room

Dining Room Bathroom


Here you have it folks! For sale $219,000, 3/2, with patio. two floors, and ready to move in!


When you hire Recuset Realty- team Doral for your real estate needs, you not only get highly qualified professionals on your side, but also access to information, markets, technology and a team of real estate experts.

You also tap into a global network with vast experience in residential and commercial real estate.

Richard Recuset could be reached at 786-471-5228,

“Si usted no dispone del tiempo y/o no posee los conocimientos, entreguele la propiedad en manos de un Corredor calificado”

*Nothing in this article is intended to solicit listings currently under contract with another broker.  This article offers no legal or tax advise and is for information purposes only.

vectorr 320 x 132

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