Condo ownership

If a unit, like most units in Doral, is in a condominium, each owner buys a unit and the undivided interest in the common elements of the condominium. As the owner, you’re a tenant in common with all the owners of units in the condominium, no individual owner can sell off any portion of the common elements. The undivided interest in the common elements is called an appurtenance to the unit, and it is part of the bundle of ownership rights that comes with the fee simple ownership of the unit.clip_image002

Also, no interest in a common element of limited common element can be transferred separately from the title to the unit, with very limited exceptions. The Condominium Act provides that parking spaces may be transferred among unit owners, if the authority to do so is contained in the declaration of condominium.

Keep in mind, there is no such thing as title to a parking space or a boat slip or a storage unit. The space, slip or storage unit number may be shown on the deed, but a unit owner has no ownership interest in the space, slip, or storage unit. The owner has an exclusive use right to the space, slip, or storage unit; the space, slip, or storage unit are appurtenances to the unit, which transfer to the new buyer with title to the unit.

A unit and its boundaries are delineated in the declaration. Generally, the unit boundaries are the unfinished surfaces of the floor and ceiling, and the four perimeter walls of the individual unit.

The common elements will consist of all of the condominium property outside of the boundaries of the unit itself.

The condominium is the physical plant, the building or buildings, the amenities and facilities, and the land on which they are located.

The association is the corporations that operates the condominium and is responsible, through the board of directors, to maintain, repair, and replace the condominium property and preserve the property values. The board of directors is the one that approves and or hires a specific property management company to handle all the recordkeeping and maintenance, and so the condo community will ultimately only be as good as the relationship between the board of directors and the property management company.

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