Short Sale vs. Foreclosure


There seems to be no end to the debate of whether a short sale or foreclosure is a better decision for homeowners who can no longer afford their mortgage payments. For many, the anxiety of dealing with this challenge is so overwhelming that they give up and let their home fall into foreclosure. This is unfortunate. Weighing the benefits of a short sale when compared to foreclosure may have led to a decision that would have secured a brighter future.

I want distressed homeowners in Doral to be able to make an educated decision about how to proceed when faced with this challenging situation. That’s why I’ve developed a special report that outlines the differences between a short sale and a foreclosure.  It is available for free at the following site:

“Nobody Knows Doral Real Estate Like teamDoral”


Thinking of buying, selling or renting real estate in Doral? Call the experts! teamDoral-Richard Recuset, Certified Distressed Property Expert- 786-287-9272 email:


“Change is inevitable – Growth is an Option”


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