Doral’s Hometown Interview

I stumbled upon this great website, it’s very useful and  provides a great service. It doesn’t just give you a random list of service providers,  but a list of service providers with good, reputable track records. And guess what? The purveyor if this great site is one of our own. Jeffrey Herrera, who resides in Doral, Fl, and was gracious enough to spend some time with teamDoral to learn a little about himself and his business model.

teamDoral:  Jeff, Can you tell me a little about yourself, your background?

Jeff:  Sure, I graduated with a Chemical Engineering degree from FIU here in Miami.  I had worked previously in a few areas such as a small chemical research and development company, and several other laboratories doing analytical work but when I graduated I was recruited by a the government.  After a few years on the federal side i had decided to venture into owning my own business, so i started a Home Inspection business.  I did well and it was fairly successful.  At the time, the market started declining so, I decided to stop doing home inspections.  Since then, I have been developing and working on building a new business,

teamDoral:  How did you come up with the idea of

Jeff:  I came up with the Idea for, initially as a way to track business referrals I was providing to others.  I didn’t have a great way to track referrals so I began to design the inner workings of a method to track the referrals I was providing.  Once I had developed the basic referral tracking system, I realized that could be expanded over an unlimited type of business categories.  Transitioning it to a "service" that could help consumers to find local professionals was an easy transition after that especially with how difficult it is to find someone good these days.



Jeffrey Herrera






Chemical Engineering degree from Florida International University.

Personal Philosophy


teamDoral:  So what makes special?  Why would I want to use it if i was a customer looking for, say a Plumber or a Realtor and I find your website in my online search?

Jeff:  Well, the main purpose of the website is to help make your life easier.  With the way things are today many households have two jobs, and sometimes three.  A lot of time is spent dealing with work issues and family issues, and in today’s world it’s just plain difficult to know who to call when you need help.  We often turn to family and friends, and in all honesty, we find that many times they don’t know anyone either.  So you often resort to the phone book, or the Internet and do a search.  You get a list of results and then pick up the phone and start calling, one by one, if you have that much patience.  And let’s hope that you don’t run into those annoying automated systems.  With Requestmaster, you just go online, make a request that you are looking for a Plumber, or a Home Inspector, or a Real Estate agent or any of the other categories and they will actually call you.  It’s a great time saver!

teamDoral:  So they call me instead of me calling them?

Jeff:  Absolutely!  Now you can choose to still browse through the directory there and pick and choose who you want to call you as well.  But that’s up to you.

teamDoral: Well that is a time saver..So are you currently just serving Miami or are you all over the US?

Jeff:  Right now we are beginning with Miami, but we are hoping to expand slowly but surely across the US.  We already have several Realtors in Fort Lauderdale, West Palm Beach, Naples, parts of Orlando and the panhandle.  We even have a few Realtors in several other states including Utah!  

teamDoral: So, if I’m looking for a property in Utah I can definitely find someone on your website?  

Jeff:  Yes, absolutely!

teamDoral: Well that sounds great Jeff.  Thank you for taking the time with us!

Jeff:  Thanks for having me.

teanDoral: What are the biggest challenges?

The biggest challenges are making sure there are enough businesses on the service, so that our customers can get the quotes they  need when they need them.

teamDoral: Tell us about your family.

I have a beautiful wife, and together we have three children.

teamDoral: What are your hobbies?

Unfortunately haven’t had much time for a hobby these days, but we like to watch movies, occasional bike riding, reading or listening to audio books.


Jeffrey Herrera

(305) 470-2776
Can’t find a quality business?
Get multiple quotes!
Make your Request online it’s simple and free!

Hope you enjoyed this interview. If you’re a business owner in Doral and would like to advertise for free (who wouldn’t), time and resources permitting we would be happy to post about you and your business. You can call us at 786-287-9272.

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