City of Doral’s workforce make-up

Cuban’s (red -31%) and Venezuelan’s (yellow-17%) comprise the bulk of the City of Doral’s work force.  Apparently, they must also be working on their Golf swing because, subsequently,  the City of Doral is a beautiful golfing community and  both nationalities make up the largest group of homeowners in the area.

Now, such cohabitation, you’de think Venezuelans’s would learn something or other about political framework from the Cuban’s. Don’t have to look any further than the Cuban example (Fidel Castro) for communism.

Economic development business census 2008-Obtained from the City’s website. 


Data Note: The information and statistics in this report is based on businesses that responded to the Doral Economic Development Business Census 2008. The confidence level is 95% with a margin of error of +/-5 %. Most figures have been rounded off and may not equal 100%.
Source: Miami-Dade County Planning Department, City of Doral Planning Department, * Preliminary Figures from the Florida Agency for Workforce Innovation-Labor Market
Statistics Division, ESRI Forecast for 2008-Beacon Council,, US Bureau of Census.

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