Tax Appeals in Doral

As one can expect from the real estate slump-an increase of property tax appeals. For those that are unaware, property tax base drops along with property assessment values. Now, counties update assessed values periodically, but with such a volatile market backlogs are inevitable. Such is the case at this time. Get this! It’s estimated that about a whopping 60% of homes are over-assessed, according to the National Taxpayers Union – Interesting site!!!j0316868[1]

Fortunately, owners can appeal the assessment and tax amount, and often succeed. About 40% of appeals have skyrocketed in recent months. As a result, profit centers are propping up everywhere. These firms often provide online counseling and forms to start the appeals process, attached- sometimes a hefty price tag for their services.

Most county assessor offices will provide assessment appeal-related information without charge. Many have clearly defined printed instructions that can be obtained without charge. Free forms are also available. All it takes is a phone call or visit to your county assessor’s office. (Miami-Dade County – :

Value Adjustment Board

Stephen P. Clark Center
111 NW First Street, Suite # 1720 | Miami, Florida 33128
Telephone: (305) 375-5641 | Business Hours: 9:00am – 4:00 pm

For professional advice on all aspects of buying or selling real estate, please contact me at or 786-287-9272.



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