Doral Real Estate Market Update

  Condo/Townhomes: There were 107 Doral town homes/Condo’s listed for sale in June (Compared to 72 in May) Single Family Homes: There were 52 Single family homes listed for sale in June (Compared to 66 in May). Highest Priced listing Condo/Townhomes: $610,900 (Doral Cay) Single Family Homes: $7,840,000 (Doral Estates) Lowest Priced listing Condo/Townhomes: $116,600 … More Doral Real Estate Market Update

Doral Memorial Day

Great activity for the whole family! Let’s pay homage to all the heroes that gave their life to make it possible for us to enjoy our great country. Churchill said: "Never in the field of human conflict was so much owed by so many to so few."   Recuset Realty is a local, full service … More Doral Memorial Day